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Lithium Molecular Sieve For Oxygen Generation

Lithium Molecular Sieve For Oxygen Generation


Lithium molecular sieve is a molecular sieve model specially used by Xintao for high-efficiency oxygen production. It is mainly used for VPSA, PSA air separation and oxygen production applications. As a high-efficiency molecular sieve material, it can separate oxygen and nitrogen from the air, and output high-concentration oxygen through principles such as pressure swing adsorption.

The principle of oxygen production is due to the pore size and intermolecular force of lithium molecular sieves, which can selectively adsorb and separate nitrogen and oxygen molecules. After certain operation and technology, the nitrogen and water molecules in the air will be adsorbed in the micropores, while the oxygen will pass through the micropores of the lithium molecular sieve material to achieve the separation effect, thereby realizing the efficient separation of oxygen.

Lithium molecular sieves are mainly used in the oxygen production industry and are an efficient oxygen production technology; meanwhile, lithium molecular sieves can also be used in molecular separation and filtration in chemical, petrochemical, medical and other fields. In addition, it also has some special application scenarios, including air purification, dehumidification and desulfurization, etc.

The use of lithium molecular sieves can effectively separate nitrogen and oxygen molecules in the air and increase the concentration of oxygen, which has the advantages of high efficiency, reliability and economy. With the continuous development of oxygen production technology, oxygen production technology using lithium molecular sieve will become more and more mainstream, greatly improving the efficiency and quality of oxygen production.

As a leading molecular sieve production technology enterprise, we have launched a series of high-efficiency oxygen generation products, such as 13X HP oxygen generation molecular sieve, VPSA lithium molecular sieve, 13X-APG cryogenic oxygen generation molecular sieve, etc. They not only have the characteristics of high efficiency, reliability and energy saving, but also can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. In the process of oxygen production, our products can provide customers with a full range of technical support and after-sales service according to the actual situation.

In short, lithium molecular sieve is an efficient and reliable oxygen production technology, which can be widely used in various fields to provide customers with better options and services. Our company's lithium molecular sieve products not only have excellent quality and performance, but also provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service. We look forward to working with you to create a better future.

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