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Catalyst Carrier丨Activated Alumina

Catalyst Carrier丨Activated Alumina


Catalyst Carrier丨Activated Alumina

The catalyst carrier is a unique application of activated alumina, and its active ingredient functions as a dispersant, adsorbent, and carrier, and can also play the role of co-catalyst or co-catalyst at a certain time.

Xintao Activated Alumina Introduction

Activated alumina catalyst carrier, also known as support, is one of the components of supported catalysts. Activated alumina is a porous material with a certain specific surface area, and the active components of the catalyst are often attached to it. Activated alumina is mainly used to support the active components, so that the catalyst has specific physical properties, while the activated alumina itself generally does not. It has no catalytic activity, so it will not affect the catalytic effect. 

Xintao Activated Alumina Catalyst Carrier Feature



1. Dilute the density of active components, especially precious metals

2. Avoid sintering between active components

2. Avoid sintering between active components

4. It can interact with the active components and work together with the main catalyst.

Xintao Activated Alumina Catalyst Carrier Advantage

1. Reduce catalyst cost 

2. Improve the mechanical strength of the catalyst 

3. Improve the thermal stability of the catalyst 

4. Increase the activity and selectivity of the catalyst 

5. Extend catalyst life

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