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How much water can molecular sieves absorb

How much water can molecular sieves absorb


For a large number of manufacturing processes the chemicals produced will contain moisture (water) , oxygen , nitrogen and other gases. This will affect the purity of the chemicals which are being produced. For most applications, very high purity is required and if the chemicals are impure, the price which the manufacturer can charge will be lower. So to improve the purity of the chemicals which are produced,the manufacturer will use one or more molecular sieve which will adsorb the molecules of the various impurities depending on the type of sieve.


One of the main characteristics of all types of molecular sieves is the pore size. This is the size of the pores in the sieve material which is usually specified by the manufacturer. The pore size is usually defined in terms of angstrom (nano meter). The molecular sieve will absorb molecules which are smaller than the pore size and all the other molecules will not be absorbed. So effectively the sieve is like a filter, absorbing molecules which are smaller in size, while excluding the larger molecules.


The molecular sieve is also defined by the chemicals which it will absorb. The absorption also depends on the chemical composition of the specified type of sieve. Most of the sieves available are made from crystallized aluminosilicate compound. For example the alkali aluminosilicates are called A type molecular sieves. The 3A sieves have the smallest pore size of three angstroms and can only absorb water molecules. The 5A sieves have a larger pore size of five angstrom so in addition to water, they can also absorb large molecules like hexane. Other sieves are used for nitrogen, hydrogen and other gas generators.


Another feature of the molecule sieve is the amount of water it can absorb. Most of the Xintao molecular sieves can absorb more than 20% water by weight, though the exact details are specified for each sieve. They are supplied in the form of pellets or beads. For each type, there are multiple varieties which differ in the size of the pellet or bead. In addition to the alkali aluminosilicates, there are other types of molecular sieves like Hollow glass, lithium molecular and CMS carbon type sieves, which differ in their chemical composition and molecular structure. Glass desiccants are used for absorbing moisture in insulating glass.


Tower packing is used in cooling and other towers, so that the evaporating gases have more area for condensation. Usually ceramic tower packing is used, since ceramic does not react chemically with a large number of gases. Xintao offers a wide range of ceramic products for tower packing. These products include ceramic intalox saddles, intalox supper saddles, ceramic pall rings, ceramic raschig rings, and cascading ceramic rings. Based on the chemicals which are being processed, and the condensation required, the right packing in the form of saddles or rings should be selected.


The ceramic packing is usually selected after considering the acid and alkali resistance of the material, most have excellent acid resistance and may only be affected by hydrofluoric acid. They will also not decompose or degrade at a higher temperature of more than 1000 degree centigrade. The softening temperature of each packing is specified The rings will usually have ribs for breathing. For the pall rings, the height is same as the diameter. The rings are available in three different sizes. The detailed dimensions are provided included the surface area, dry packing, so that the right size and quantity are ordered


Jiangxi Xintao Technology Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of desiccants, fillers, catalysts and chemical packing in China. The company was first established in 2002. It has its own molecular sieve factory where different kinds of molecular sieves, binders which are activated powders, activated alumina and carbon sieves are manufactured after considering the customer demand for these products. The company has invested resources in research and development to produce high quality products at a reasonable cost. The products are used extensively in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, fire safety and other industries worldwide.


The company has a very extensive marketing network and the products are being sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. For expansion of its manufacturing capacity, the company has set up a subsidiary at Zhuhai city in Guandong province. 

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