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The First Ceramic Ball Container in 2023

The First Ceramic Ball Container in 2023


On January 03, 2023, we welcomed Xintao's first 20-foot container, which was also the fourth container from a Russian customer.

I met at the beginning of July 2022. The customer was recommended by an old domestic customer. At that time, the customer was looking for other products. Although we do not make this product, we are also trying our best to help customers find domestic suppliers. The customer is satisfied with Xintao In the subsequent negotiation, the customer expressed that there was a large demand for Xintao's ceramic ball. We have been a factory for 20 years, and we are cooperating with many well-known companies in the Russian market. Based on trust and factory advantages, we have the first cooperation. After receiving the goods, the customer placed a new order.

During the delivery process, Xintao completed the one-stop service of packaging, bagging, film wrapping, labeling, and cabinet loading to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation.

Next, there will be another container that will be released after the Chinese New Year. I believe that our cooperation will be closer in 2023. I also wish Xintao to a higher level in 2023.


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