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Xintao Activated Molecular Sieve Powder 7*40HQ Export to Europe

Xintao Activated Molecular Sieve Powder 7*40HQ Export to Europe


Professional service, as well as high quality, assisted us to complete the delivery of activated molecular sieve powder 7X40HQ orders with European customers.

In September 2021, the customer sent us a COA of active molecular sieve powder and asked for a free sample. After further understanding the needs of the customer company in detail, we sent out our samples in time, and received positive feedback from the customer soon after.

Our molecular sieves fully meet the customer's research and development needs for the dehydration & modification of polyurethane products. Based on this, the customer once again decided to establish a more in-depth cooperation with us. In 2022, the customer placed another order for 7X40HQ activatd molecular sieve powder.

Looking ahead to 2023, Xintao can go further together and occupy a larger market share of activated molecular sieve powder.

Brief Introduction

Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. has been operating in the adsorbent industry for 20 years so far, and its mature process and technology have won the favor of customers. Molecular sieve activation powder is produced by full-automatic production line, with an annual production capacity of more than 2000 tons. 

Activated Molecular Sieve Powder is the raw molecular sieve powder after dehydration. Type including 3A activated powder, 4A activated powder, 5A activated powder, 13X activated powder. It has good dispersibility and fast adsorption speed, which can reduce moisture, eliminate bubbles, and improve the uniformity and strength of materials. It is used in some special adsorption occasions in industry: such as mixing with materials, dispersing and adsorbing into amorphous desiccant, etc. It is an additive or aggregate specifically used in coatings, paints, resins and some adhesives, which can reduce moisture, eliminate bubbles, and improve the uniformity and strength of materials. The product can also be added to the insulating glass composite adhesive strip as a desiccant.


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