Humidor is a box that is used to maintain a constant

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Categorization of cigar humidors

Room humidors: In this case a whole room is turned into a humidor and used to store cigar. It is widely used among people who are true cigar aficionado.

Cabinet humidors or cigar cabinets: it is comparatively smaller in size and is kept as a piece of furniture. It can store up to 1000-5000 cigars.

Table humidors: They weigh quite heavy but are movable. It is mainly kept at a particular location. It can store up to 300-1000 cigars. The exterior of the box is covered with polished wood, marble or leather, or glass tops.

Personal humidors: People who do not smoke cigar much often use this small size humidors fro their personal use. They are also thought to b e a style statement. These cigar humidors can store up t o 20-75 cigars. They are also known as desktop humidors.

Travel humidors: They are movable and can carry enough cigars for an outdoor event. They can store up to 2-10 humidors.

How to maintain cigar humidor?

The best humidity level for a humidor is 68%-72% of relative humidity. The level of humidity can be fluctuated depending on the preference of the cigar smoker. But the level of humidity must never cross 75%. Keep in mind one thing, more the space in t he box more is the possibility of the humidity level to drop or rise.

All humidifiers have hygrometers which help in keeping the cigar moist. You are recommended to use 50% of propylene glycol and 50%of distilled water for better levels of humidity in the humidifier. The humidifier makers claim that the cigar cases have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

If you want to store large quantity of humidifiers you can also use electric humidors. In an electric humidor, there is a censor calculates the outside humidity and blows in the moist air inside the humidor. Once the desired level of humidity is reached the ventilator stops working. Electronic humidors function in a much more effective way than the conventional humidifier boxes.

The other alternative is the usage of silica gel beads. These resist relative humidity and can be moistened as par necessity. These beads find their use mainly in packaging containers, where they are used to remove moisture. When they are used in humidors they are calibrated i.e. an additional mineral salt coating is put on them in different humidity ranges- 65% to 72%.

Each cigar humidor has to be serviced after being bought or after a long gap from being used. A subserviced cigar humidor will process wetness from the shut environment, which as a result will deduce the wetness of the pipes.

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