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What is the Application of Activated Alumina Balls

What is the Application of Activated Alumina Balls


Activated Alumina Balls are widely used as catalysts and catalyst carriers in the petrochemical and fertilizer industries.

Modern water-purifying activated alumina balls has adsorption characteristics and is therefore used as a desiccant for gases and liquids, as an adsorbent for gas purification, as a deionizing agent for drinking water, as a color and odor eliminating agent for industrial sewage.

Activated Alumina Balls can be used together with household fluorine removal cylinders, which is an ideal drinking water defluoridation device in the family.

The defluorination filter material can also be used in combination with a fluorine removal device or an industrial fluorine removal device in a water plant.

Activation of fluorine removal filter for household fluorine removal equipment: dispose of aluminum sulfate solution (3 liters of water, 0.3 kg of solid aluminum sulfate), put alumina (al2o3) defluoridation filter into the above solution, soak for 5-10 hours to discard The liquid (should be properly stirred during soaking), and then washed 3-5 times with water, each time with water about 2 liters, or regenerated by ph method, the pH value is controlled at 7.5. Activated alumina defluorination filter can be used continuously for 6-8 years. When the surface appears yellowish brown, the effect of removing fluorine is obviously reduced. This is caused by impurity pollution in the water. Therefore, it is best to treat it once every half a year with 3% dilute hydrochloric acid. The method of operation is the same as the regeneration method.

Application of Activated Alumina Balls:
1. Desiccant.
2. Adsorbent.
3. Defluorating Agent
4. Arsenic removal agent.
5. Hydrogen Peroxide Adsorption.
6. Dechlorination agent
7. Oxygen & Nitrogen plant
8. Claus Catalyst.
9. Claus Catalyst , for Sulfer Recovery Unit

Regeneration Temp: 180~250,  last for 3 hours.
Sizes: 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm, 4-6mm, 5-7mm, 6-8mm, 8-10mm 

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