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Xintao Independent And Beautiful Women inInternational Women's Day

Xintao Independent And Beautiful Women inInternational Women's Day


Xintao Independent And Beautiful Women

In International Women's Day

We Wish Women All Over The World To Become Real "Rich" Women

Spiritual “rinch”: Never lament oneself lonely, Be optimistic and cheerful

Love “rich”: Always have sweetness, self-confidence and self-reliance

Career “rich”:Fight for your dreams,Take charge as chief


(Women hold up half the world.)

Happy International Women's Day to all goddesses in Xintao!

At the same time,  Xintao subsidiary Guangzhou, also launched a theme activity on the theme of "Care for Women's Physical and Mental Health on March 8th International Women's Day", and organized a pottery handicraft activity.


International Women's Day

Wishes each sonorous rose to be able to be in full bloom on the life ,

Wish female friends all over the world, have a healthy body and spirit, Be independent and beautiful!

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