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Hello 2022, Goodbye 2023

Hello 2022, Goodbye 2023

Time flies
2022 came to an end quietly
the past year
run in the wind and rain
dream your own dreams, go your own way
2022 is an extraordinary year, and we are about to go through it hand in hand. In the past year, we have worked together to fight against the epidemic, and we have wholeheartedly and fully assisted enterprises to ensure normal production and timely delivery.
We firmly believe that the future can be expected
Let us review those unforgettable moments in 2022

Moment of Honor

1. High-tech enterprise (announced)
2. Excellent products from Jiangxi (announced)
3. The city's industrial high-quality development enterprises (announced)
4. Industrial Technology Innovation Award - Excellent Enterprise

Moment of Experience
1. In November 2022, Pingxiang was closed, and all colleagues worked from home. In order to ensure normal production and delivery, Xintao people ensured production 24 hours during the epidemic period and closed-loop management in the company to ensure normal production and delivery.
2. In November 2022, the installation site of Xintao Technology's "biological film-coating filler".
3. In December 2022, Xintao will increase the production of activated powder and introduce 2 new activated powder production lines, which will greatly improve production efficiency and respond to customer order needs more quickly

Moment of Development

1. Alibaba SKA strategic cooperation
2. On March 9, 2022, Jiangxi Pingxiang cross-border e-commerce sharing meeting and Alibaba KA business licensing ceremony were held in Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. Xintao - a strong Jiangxi merchant with a 17-year history of cross-border e-commerce, and also a brand enterprise in Jiangxi's chemical packing industry.
3. On July 1, 2022, in order to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, under the organization and arrangement of the party branch of Pingxiang Industrial Ceramics Chamber of Commerce, the "July 1" party building learning activity was carried out
4. On July 26, 2022, a cooperation agreement was signed with Pingxiang College, "co-constructing an innovation and entrepreneurship practice base - awarding ceremony".
5. On November 26, Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. held the first women's conference, and successfully produced the first women's federation team of Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd.

Moment of Youth

1. Reading Club (April 23)
2. Walking for all members (May 14)
3. Team building for all staff (August 20)

4. All-hands sports meeting (September 17)

Only persistence can achieve beauty.
Every drop of sweat that falls on the ground,
will bloom the brightest flowers,
Every dream we dare to hold on to,
are precious,
Dream in the heart, inspire in the action,
Only by not forgetting the original intention can we move forward.
There is light in the eyes, dreams in the heart, strength under the feet, and direction in the future!
2023 come on

Let us grow and prosper together

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