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Doubled Production Capacity丨XINTAO Added Two Activated Powder Production Lines

Doubled Production Capacity丨XINTAO Added Two Activated Powder Production Lines


Xintao Technology is deeply involved in the field of chemical adsorption, and has 100% independent research and development and production capabilities of activated molecular sieve powder. The existing activated molecular sieve powder products have absolute advantages over current industry products. It has a fully automatic self-owned production line and is equipped with full production capacity. It is widely used in polyurethane, coatings, resins, paints, coatings, and plastic products.

Based on a good business environment and market demand, Xintao plans to add two more production lines to expand production before the end of 2022, and the two new lines will be kiln equipment for the production of activated powder. At present, the installation and construction of the main equipment of the two new production lines has been completed, and the adaptive transformation of the plant is underway. It is expected to be officially put into production in February 2023.

The two new production line adopts the latest integrated design of the production line, which is made of all stainless steel. The molecular sieve activation powder produced is pollution-free and the quality is more stable. So far, Xintao Technology has formed the scale of four molecular sieve activated powder production lines, which can achieve an annual output of more than 6,000 tons of molecular sieve activated powder.

Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. will be committed to building a modern green factory in terms of environmental protection, energy saving, automation, and intelligence in the field of chemical adsorption, which will greatly enhance its own influence and competitiveness, and contribute to the development of the molecular sieve activation powder industry. Greater contributions will add strong impetus to Xintao Group's high-speed advancement.

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