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Molecular Sieve Manufacturing Process丨Xintao Technology

Molecular Sieve Manufacturing Process丨Xintao Technology


Molecular Sieve Manufacturing Process丨Xintao Technology


Xintao's proprietary molecular sieve manufacturing process, professional facilities and fully automated process control system, as well as well-equipped laboratory and test facilities, as well as professional research and production personnel.

Xintao is committed to researching cutting-edge technologies to improve the production process of molecular sieves. We have developed ultra-stable molecular sieves with multiple adsorption properties in combination with market demands. Through continuous research and development, our efforts have been certified by a number of patents for the manufacture and application of zeolite molecular sieves. These examples of proprietary product and process development are reflected in our focus on practical applications and participation in co-development projects with our customers.

Xintao has established a complete quality system to continuously improve the molecular sieve and manufacturing process, we will continue to upgrade and expand our processes and manufacturing capabilities, we firmly believe that this continuous improvement will enable us to continue to improve to meet the needs of the market.

We will introduce the molecular sieve manufacturing process:

Manufacturing Process Overview
/ Xintao

Pre-Production Preparation
Vibrating and Sieving
Quadratic Sieving

1. Pre-Production Preparation

Warehouse raw material requisition, production line spot check, ready for production

2. Stirring

Pour kaolin and zeolite powder into the conical mixer in a certain proportion, mix and stir for about 30 min. The more even of the mixture, the better.

3. Forming/Rolling

Put the mixed powder into the swing granulator in batches and add the sodium tripolyphosphate solution while stirring.Very small grains can be screened. This step is needed for grain making for the first granulation, and it is no longer needed for grain making as long as production is not stopped.

Turn on the forming machine and pour the grain into it, and slowly spray the prepared sodium tripolyphosphate solution. When the particles are wetted, the mixed raw materials are sprinkled in. After a period of time, the particles will gradually build up, which is known as granulation.

4. Vibrating and Sieving

When the size of the particles in the rolling machine has increased to a certain extent, take them out and screen them on a flat screen.Strictly control product size, filter unqualified products.When the particle size reaches the required requirements, expose for half an hour and later take out of the pot.

The molecular sieve strength will be measured by our laboratory. It only works when the strength meets standard, otherwise it is unqualified products and will be crushed into powder or do other processing.

5. Drying

The molecular sieve is now into drying process; The belt dryer is divided into 4 heating zones with temperatures 50℃, 70℃, 80℃ and 60℃. The lower the speed of belt dryer, the better the drying effect.

6. Quadratic Sieving

Screen out the defective products such as cracking and deformation.

7. Kilning

.Set the furnace temperature according to the process requirements.The optimum heating temperature of molecular sieve is different for different particle sizes. Too high or too low temperature will affect molecular sieve strength and water absorption capacity.

After baking, we will test molecular sieve strength and static water adsorption capacity. Different particle sizes of molecular sieves need to meet the corresponding standards.

8. Packing

Pay attention to the sealing of molecular sieves and avoid exposure to the air. Because of high temperature of molecular sieve just out from the baking furnace , we generally use sealed metal bucket to pack. After cooling, then into steel drum or carton box according to customer’s requirements.

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