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The Difference Between Dry And Wet Ball Mills

The Difference Between Dry And Wet Ball Mills


Ball mill is an equipment that repulverthe material with the help of the impact force of the steel ball under the centrifugal force. The fine powder produced is up to 0.074-0.4mm, which is widely used in the fields of cement, building materials, refractory materials and metal dressing.

What is the difference between a dry mill and a wet mill of a ball mill?

Ball mills work both dry and wet. Do you know any idea of them?Today we're going to compare it.

First, the equipment structure is different 

The ball mill is mainly composed of feed port, feeder, rotary part and transmission part.Ball mill dry mill and wet mill equipment are called dry ball mill and wet ball mill respectively, the structure difference is not bad, the structure of dry ball mill is a little more complex. 

Dry ball mill should be added air introduction device, dust exhaust pipe and dust collector.Mainly because the materials in the dry ball mill are dry, the produced products are brought out by the air flow from the air device; dust in the production process, but the national environmental protection policy has requirements, so the dust collector should be added.

Wet ball mill does not need those auxiliary devices, only need to add water (absolute ethanol) to the material, the material can be hit, grinding under the action of grinding media, become fine powder.

The difference between the two is also reflected in its outlet, dry ball mill is straight cylinder, convenient dust discharge; wet ball mill is horn, also added spiral device, facilitate material discharge.

Second, the investment costs are different

If only from the perspective of the equipment, the wet ball mill has fewer accessories, and the dry ball mill is equipped with air introduction system and dust collector because of dust, so the price should be higher.

But in the actual production, you will see that people will add drying equipment after the wet ball mill, so the investment cost of the two needs to be combined.

And also consider the dry ball mill will be affected by the ore moisture, working on the surface of the ore and lining plate, according to statistics, its energy consumption per ton is about 25% -30% more than the wet ball mill.Three, different scope of use

The biggest difference between a dry mill and a wet mill of a ball mill is the participation of water, which is naturally designed to meet the grinding requirements of some materials that cannot meet water.

Dry ball mills mainly deal with materials that react with water, such as cement and marble, but some areas are short of water, and dry ball mills are also used to save water.

Wet ball mill is wider than dry ball mill, as long as not afraid of water, all kinds of metal and non-metal ore are suitable for wet ball mill, such as our common copper, iron, molybdenum, feldspar ore, fluorite ore.


How much water is appropriate for the wet ball mill?

Wet ball mill and dry ball mill work in the need to add water, so how to control the proportion of this water added?

First of all, we should know the formula of grinding ore concentration = feed ore quantity / (feed ore quantity + feed water quantity), and determine the feed water quantity according to our own feed ore quantity.

The amount of water is not to add casually, generally we will set a fixed value, about 2.5-3.0t/h, smaller than this value, it is easy to increase the loss of steel ball, reduce the service life of the equipment, but larger than this value will reduce the grinding effect of the equipment, increase power consumption. 

Wet ball mill work should often pay attention to the operation of the equipment, if the warehouse grinding sound low, coarse grinding warehouse "full grinding" or slurry, to reduce the feeding amount in time, if not resume normal operation to stop normal feeding, timely water, to prevent the compartment board block, such as normal grinding sound after feeding.

If it is a beneficiation operation, the flotation reagent can be added while adding water, and the gold and silver ore can add the cyanide liquid, so that the materials and agents are fully mixed.

Due to the different water content of each batch of materials, the formula can only help us to determine a water supply, observe the grinding water pressure and the quality of the abrasive slurry, adjust the water quantity in time, and control the fineness of the output materials within the standard range.

To sum up, we understand the difference between dry mill and wet mill of ball mill. I hope we can choose appropriate equipment according to the characteristics of our own materials in the future production, and use the correct operation method to ensure our stable production and steady improvement of efficiency.

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