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PSA nitrogen making

PSA nitrogen making


PSA technical(Pressure Swing Adsorption,PSA for short) :it’s a kind of afvanced gas separation technology,based on physical adsorption of gas molecule on the internal surface of adsorbent(porous solid substances),using adsorbents in the same pressure easy to absorb the high boiling point gas,difficult to absorb low boiling point gas.amd under high pressure adsorption amount of absorbed gas increases,under low pressure adsorption of absorbed gas to reduce the features to achieve gas separation.This process under pressure adsorption of impurities,under reduced pressure desorption of impurities,make the adsorbent regeneration,is the PSA cycle .

1. Adsorption: There are 2 towers, A tower and B tower. The O2,CO2,H2O are adsorbed When the clean air enters the bottom of column A via a carbon molecular sieve, while the nitrogen product effluent from the adsorption column outlet.

2. Pressure equalization: making a tower ( pending desorption tower ) of the gas flow to the other tower ( pending absorption tower ) , and ultimately to the two towers of the basic gas pressure equalization.

3. Desorption: After completion of the desorption pressure equalization , A tower continues through the bottom of the exhaust gas outlet , the adsorption tower fell rapidly to atmospheric pressure, thereby removing the adsorbed O2, CO2, H2O, molecular sieve to achieve desorption regeneration.

4.Sweep: In order to completely regenerate the molecular sieve purge with nitrogen buffer tank qualified for A tower countercurrent nitrogen purge.

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