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How Xintao's Catalyst Converte Waste Oil Into Diesel?

How Xintao's Catalyst Converte Waste Oil Into Diesel?


How Xintao's Catalyst Converte Waste Oil Into Diesel

A prerequisite for refining diesel oil from waste oil is to choose suitable catalyst in refining equipment. The refining equipment is composed of distillation kettle, catalytic tower, condensation system and clay decolorization system. Each system has different functions and it is indispensable. After a series of processes, waste oil can be refined into diesel oil. The specific production process of refining are as follows:


First, inject the collected waste oil into the distillation kettle of the waste oil refining equipment, then the waste engine oil is boiled and gasification by fuel heating. The impurities of the waste oil will continue to settle in the process of heating up, and the remaining oil gas will enter the condensation system after catalyzed by our catalyst.

Catalytic Purification

Put the catalyst agent into double-layer structured tower to remove the colloid and waxiness, the waste engine oil becomes clear after degumming and dewaxing. The catalyst can also purify color, turning color from black red to yellow.


After fully reaction, the oil gas enter into the condensation system, where the oil gas exchange heat with circulating cooling water, and then liquefied into clean diesel in a temporary storage tank.


Then refined diesel get into the carclazyte decolorization system. As the name implies, by using carclazyte adsorption to decolor, diesel oil color becomes light yellow or little light green with fragrant smell.



The above are the process of refining diesel oil from waste engine oil. It is not complicated but it particularly important to choose the right catalyst.

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