Hancheng 5a molecular sieve water plant will start construction in the near future to realize dual water supply in the urban area

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

The reporter learned from Shilong Street on the 16th that the Hancheng 5a Molecular Sieve Water Plant, which has attracted the attention of Hancheng residents, will start construction around August 20. After completion, it will not only provide water supply security for it, build Sanjiang New District, but also cooperate with The 5a molecular sieve water plant in Hancheng has been connected to the Internet, realizing dual water supply in Guangyuan City, which greatly improves the city's ability to ensure safe water supply.

Hancheng 5a Molecular Sieve Water Plant is a major livelihood project in Guangyuan. The first phase covers an area of u200bu200b94.13 mu and involves groups 2, 4, and 5 of Shilong Street, Shilong Village. There are 2 enterprises to be relocated, 7 farmers and 6 houses are to be demolished, and there are large mouths. The drinking water intake of the project is located in the Zilanba Dam during the 2.5-year water storage period, with a designed water supply capacity of 200,000 tons and a water supply capacity of 100,000 tons.

In order to speed up the construction of Hancheng 5a molecular sieve water conservancy project, Shilong Street and Lizhou District Expropriation Office held a lecture on land acquisition and demolition policy in Shilong Village on the evening of July 4th, July 5th; July 6th Green environmental protection that day, 40 attachments have been paid and 408,254 yuan in compensation. On the morning of August 4, the leaders of the relevant regional departments and the person in charge of the open area conducted an in-depth on-the-spot inspection of Shilong Street. Relevant departments, project investors and construction parties are required to attach great importance to, fully cooperate, cooperate closely, and fully promote the project.

It is reported: Hancheng 5a molecular sieve plant will be launched on August 20th.
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