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Xintao Export 120m3 Plastic Pall Ring to South America

Xintao Export 120m3 Plastic Pall Ring to South America


Plastic pall ring filler, the external structure of plastic Bauer ring can be divided into: the inner reinforcement is in a rice shaped shape, called a (rice) shaped plastic pall ring; The inner reinforcement is in the shape of a well, known as a (well) shaped plastic pall ring Plastic pall ring packing is used as an open hole ring packing with equal height and diameter. Each layer of window holes has five tongue leaves, and each tongue leaf has an inward bend pointing towards the center of the ring. The positions of the upper and lower layer of window holes are opposite and staggered. The arrangement of the pall ring packing can greatly improve the gas and liquid dispersion inside the packing layer compared to the Lassie ring, especially the inner and outer surfaces of the packing ring are easily wetted by liquids, allowing for abundant application of the inner and outer surfaces. Therefore, compared to the Rasch ring, the same material and specification of pall ring packing not only has greater processing ability and lower pressure drop, but also improves the separation efficiency of the tower and increases the operational flexibility. Under the same pressure drop, the disposal of pall ring can increase by more than 50% compared to Lassie ring.


The usage temperature of plastic pall ring packing varies depending on the materials used, such as PBT, PE, PP, RPP, PVC, CPVC, and PVDF. The usage temperature in various media is 60-150 degrees Celsius, and it is commonly used in packing towers in industries such as petroleum, chemical, chlor alkali, gas, and environmental protection. It is suitable for various separation, absorption, desorption installation, atmospheric and vacuum installation, synthetic ammonia decarbonization, desulfurization system, ethylbenzene separation, isooctane toluene separation, etc.


XINTAO export to South America 120m3 PP pall ring, clients are satisfied in our samples.

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