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Xintao’s Third Quarter Employee Joining Anniversary Celebration

Xintao’s Third Quarter Employee Joining Anniversary Celebration


Xintao Family

On September 15th, Xintao prepared a ceremonial, lively and interesting anniversary celebration event for our anniversary friends to pay tribute to us who have worked hard. May we not forget our original aspirations, walk side by side, and create a better future!

Birthday Party Get Together
Joining the company is the beginning of companionship, and we have been accompanying you year after year. On this special day, all the friends who joined Xintao in the third quarter gathered together. Some of them have been working for 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 13 years, 17 years.

Employees spoke with emotion

When talking about the past, there are happiness, sadness and regret; when talking about the future, everyone is full of longing and hope. Each friend shared his or her own experience in Xintao and expressed gratitude to Xintao for the opportunity provided by this platform for everyone to get together. I believe the future will be even better!

Chairman's speech
Production director
Minister of finance

Game interaction Hi FUN staged

Game experiences such as must pass every seven, fight or not, step on balloons, who is the undercover, etc. filled the atmosphere of the event. While gaining happiness, there were also fruit snacks and cakes to enjoy. The scene was joyful and peaceful, and everyone had a great time. Hey, I’m still not finished!


Group photo, warm and fixed

With the footsteps of time

Let's spend each spring, summer, autumn and winter together hand in hand

Year after year

Thank you for always being with us

On the way forward

May we continue to walk together

Let’s move towards a more brilliant future together

It might be faster to walk alone

A group of people will definitely go further

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