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Where There is Chemical Industry, There is Xintao Technology

Where There is Chemical Industry, There is Xintao Technology


Nearly 50,000 square meters

In the Xintao Industrial Park with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons

There were less than 100 people

Behind the extremely high human efficiency

What's the secret behind it?

Xintao Introduction

Certification Authority



Dozens of honorary titles

16 invention patents

Professional, refined, special, innovative

Xintao Technology always firmly believes that

The development of the times often comes from subtle perception and persistence

Stick to the original intention

Only in this way can good products needed by the times be produced.

Xintao Product

Xintao Product Catalog

Xintaos Learning Spirit

We moved to the new industrial park in 2019, and all settings were designed according to the scale of the market.

We are very confident that Xintao will grow tenfold in the next stage!

Only by constantly seeking knowledge from outside and maintaining the team’s self-driving force and innovation at all times

Only in this way can we truly meet the needs of customers and keep pace with the times.

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