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Installation Method and Precautions of Inert Ceramic Ball

Installation Method and Precautions of Inert Ceramic Ball


Production process of inert ceramic alumina ball

1. Make up according to the requirements of water absorption. The amount of aluminum, the amount of resistance, etc., then grind the ball;

2. Production of inert aluminum ceramic ball bars through filter filters and vacuum devices (to make water appropriate during this period);

3. Cut the mud strip (the size of the mud strip is equal to the specifications of the inert ceramic balls to be produced), choose the squeezing molding process to form it;

4. Half -finished products of inert aluminum ceramic balls enter the dry room or are naturally dry after being put into the kiln;

5. High -temperature sintering inert aluminum ceramic ball semi -finished products;

6. Filtering and packaging of inert aluminum ceramic balls.

Eringing inert ceramic balls can evenly distribute ceramic ball beds, while reducing the resistance of the bed layer, can exert the effectiveness of catalysts, and will bring direct life of normal production, energy conservation and consumption reduction and even extended catalysts. influences. Therefore, in the process of filling, try to avoid damage and bridge phenomenon.


Precautions for inert ceramic alumina balls

System equipment. The scanning work of the pipeline has been completed, and the experience is qualified. The part of the comprehensive tower top, human holes, pipelines, etc. The parts that need to be dismantled by the reloading of catalysts have been removed, and sealing measures are taken. Cleaning the synthetic tower and its surrounding areas are cleaned. The integrated tower inner part of the tower is corrected and cleaned the thermocouple sleeve. The catalytic recording report is fully prepared, on -site work sheds, the catalyst storage storage is installed, and the rain prevention measures are available.


The installation step of inert alumina ceramic ball

1. Install an inert ceramic ball in the lower part of the synthetic tower.

2. Install an intermediate catalyst;

3. An inert alumina ceramic ball in the upper part of the synthetic tower

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