Ball mill is mainly used in the grinding and degranulation

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-04
The super energy-saving ball mill designed and produced by hongxing Mine Machinery is based on the basic design idea of reducing energy consumption: the ball mill is with horizontal cylindrical rotating device, outer drive gear and two warehouses, which belongs to grate type ball mill. Materials evenly enter the first warehouse through the feeding device and the mill screw shaft, there are lining board or corrugated liner inner the warehouse with steel balls of different specifications. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the cylinder will bring the steel ball fall after rising to a certain height, severe impact and abrasive generates between materials. Materials will be further grinding to the second warehouse after its course grinding in the first warehouse. The second warehouse lined with flat lining and steel ball inside, which further grind materials. Powders will be discharged through the discharge grate finishing the grinding operation. The main features of this kind ball mill: (1) adopting large diameter double row self-aligning roller bearing is convenient to repair and with high efficiency. (2) adopts a conical structure near the discharge end of the mill is to reinforcement of the ball mill, which is more important is to naturally classify the steel ball. Steel balls near the the discharging port is of small diameter so that the particle size is finer. (3) adopts the steel frame with high installation accuracy, easy installation and operation, short cycle. (4) adopt the drum feeder instead of the joint feeding machine, without inertial impact, stable operation, and reduce the time shut down the mill for repairing and improve efficiency. The super energy-saving ball mill of Henan Hongxing Machinery can be comparable to the international advanced level in either the production capacity or energy consumption, it is the new product of energy-saving innovation, such as ball mill, has been widely used in such as mining industry, cement industry, metallurgical industry, ceramic industry, industry, industry, grinding stone the construction industry and construction industries, which has been praised by users. To use the Ball Mill, the material to be ground is loaded into the Neoprene barrel that contains grinding media. As the barrel rotates, the material is crushed between the individual pieces of grinding media that mix and crush the product into fine powder over a period of several hours. Obviously, the longer the Ball Mill runs, the smaller the powder will be. Ultimate particle size depends entirely on how hard the ground material is, and how long the Ball Mill runs. Our Ball Mill has been being used to grind glass, make ceramic glaze, powder various chemicals, and make Black Powder. Ball mill:http://www.hxjq-crusher.com/20.html cone crusher:http://www.crusher-machine.com/4.html raymond mill:http://www.hx-crusher.com/raymond_mill.html
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