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Birthday Party Of Company Chairman Mr. Jianbin Liu

Birthday Party Of Company Chairman Mr. Jianbin Liu


September 18, 2020, is the birthday of our company chairman Mr. Jianbin Liu. All employees of Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd. held an innovative birthday party for this.



All employees of Xintao Technology have carefully prepared performances. Due to the short rehearsal time, our performance is not so perfect, but every program contains full of sincerity and blessings.




In order to thank Mr. Liu Jianbin’s mother for giving birth to such an excellent boss, we also specially prepared a generous red envelope for the chairman’s mother. We must be grateful for the birth of our parents. The harmony and stability of the family allow us to give full play to our work. There are no worries about the future, and the family is happy!

Forget being an employee, forget the work pressure, forget the family troubles, and enjoy this grand and beautiful birthday party.

After the meal, we held a KTV party, singing, and dancing, which was very lively.

We deeply feel the warmth of the family. At this time, we are not the relationship between leaders and employees, but a family that loves each other.

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