Huangshan 3A molecular sieve sewage treatment project was selected as one of the first batch of 30 PPP demonstration projects in the country

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

As a social capital, China's water industry participated in the 3A molecular sieve sewage treatment project in Huangshan City, and became the PPP demonstration project approved by the Ministry of Finance in Anhui Province. This is also the approval of 30 PPP demonstration projects announced by the Ministry of Finance in early December.

It is understood that the Anhui Provincial Department of Finance has identified one of the six PPP pilot provinces. At the meeting on December 22, the Anhui Provincial Department of Finance introduced 30 PPP demonstration projects with a total investment of 58.3 billion yuan, including transportation and municipal infrastructure. Zhang Jianfei, vice governor of Anhui Province, said that the PPP model is a major change in the current investment and financing system. The Anhui provincial government attaches great importance to the promotion of the PPP model in the province, and it is of great significance to promote the basic design and new urbanization construction of the province.

Huangshan City 3A Molecular Sieve Wastewater Treatment Project started in 2012. It is organized and implemented by Huangshan State Water, Huangshan Jiuhua Construction, and Huangshan Tenglong Water Treatment Materials Co., Ltd., of which Huangshan State-owned water resources account for about 76%. The total investment of the project is about 299 million US dollars, of which the Huangshan National Water Investment is 189.1 million US dollars, and the rest of the investment as the water price benchmark will be paid in installments by Xiangtan's 'special fund operation subsidy' method.

Zhou Shuang, Executive Vice President of National Water Affairs, told reporters: 'From the perspective of the project, due to the risk sharing and benefit sharing cooperation mechanism, a win-win situation is achieved.' The project is expected to be put into production by the end of the year. The successful implementation of this project is a beneficial exploration of the full participation in the construction of new market infrastructure for market water supply.
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