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Build a Scholarly Fragrance

The full name of World Book Day is "World Book and Copyright Day", also known as "World Book Day". Its purpose is to promote more people to read and write. I hope everyone respects and appreciates the masters of literature, culture, science, and knowledge who have made great contributions to human civilization, and protects intellectual property rights.

April 23 this year is the 28th World Book Day, and it is also the second year of Xintao Book Club activities. In order to promote Xintao's reading culture and create a good reading and learning atmosphere, on April 23, Xintao held a reading sharing exchange meeting with the theme of "ignite the passion for reading and build a scholarly Xintao together".

4.23 World Book Day & Pingxiang City Library

The most profound thing is that the fragrance of books can lead to the distance, and the fragrance of poetry and books in the stomach is self-enriching. First, members of the Xintao Reading Club came to the Pingxiang City Library together. Walking into the library is like walking into the ocean of knowledge. The library is quiet, beautiful and has a great learning atmosphere. Being in it, the soul is precipitated. Books can take us to the sunset in the desert and feel the unique charm of "the long river falls on the face"; books can also take us to the vast and choppy seaside and feel the magnificence of "rolling up a thousand piles of snow". In the library, everyone is immersed in the world of knowledge, as if traveling in the time and space tunnel of knowledge.

Xintao Reading Sharing Conference

Returning from the ocean of knowledge, a book sharing activity was launched. All members of the reading club will come to the stage to share in the order of drawing lots. Some friends demonstrate their understanding of leadership by introducing "self-awareness." The small partners in the sales department shared their experience in customer sales with us. The atmosphere was warm and the applause continued.

Through this activity, it is of great significance to enhance the enthusiasm of the whole company to read and study, and to promote the learning atmosphere. Xintao Technology will continue to hold a series of activities to create a strong and harmonious atmosphere for reading and learning, so that all Xintao people can enjoy the fun of reading and learning together in this world of books.


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