The on-site monitoring facilities of 6 5A molecular sieve sewage treatment plants in Changsha have passed the provincial inspection and acceptance

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

Recently, the inspection team of Hunan Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Changsha Environmental Protection Bureau, and relevant persons in charge of the sewage treatment plant conducted an on-site inspection on the construction and operation of Changsha's on-site monitoring facilities. Changsha 5A Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Plant.

On the site of Changsha 5A Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Plant, members of the inspection team carefully inspected the operation and camera installation of Kaiyuan, Qinghe, Diaobingshan and other Changsha 5A Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Plants. After listening to the relevant reports, the acceptance team of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department confirmed that the installation of the camera met the acceptance requirements, and put forward relevant suggestions for improvement.

Through the video network, standardize the construction of automatic monitoring facilities of Changsha 5A molecular sieve sewage treatment plant, improve the level of environmental monitoring informatization, facilitate the supervision and management of the operation of sewage treatment facilities by relevant law enforcement agencies, and improve the total amount of monitoring data to reduce pollutant emissions It has played a positive role in promoting the reduction of the total amount of pollutants in the sewage treatment plant and ensuring the stability of the water quality of the Liaohe River.
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