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by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-31

Activated Alumina is an adsorbent that is widely appreciated for high water adsorption capacity. Along with it, it also has excellent mechanical strength. Moreover, the countable features like the adsorption, surface area, pore volume and mechanical strength, have also played a vital role in making it ideal for various industrial applications. The unmatched quality and excellent performance has attracted various national as well as international buyers to place bulk and repeated orders. The availability of the product in various grades and specifications has also made them a ideal match to the respective industrial applications.

The tumbling media is also in huge demand in the worldwide market due to availability of no other alternative in the market. The activated alumina balls are widely demanded in the market due to its unmatched quality and the countable features as listed below:

Excellent surface area

Capacity for repeated regeneration

Highly resistant to thermal shock

Stability to fairly high temperature

Inert towards liquid water

Great mechanical strength

Low resistance to gas flow

Shrink Proof

The activated alumina balls are manufactured using premium quality materials that make them fit for various industrial applications. These industrial products are also available at very affordable price and within the predefined timeframe. Some of the applications that need activated alumina balls are as listed below:

Purification of gases and liquids (removal of metallic traces, TBC and HF compounds)

Drying of organic liquids as LPG, aromatics, steam cracked liquids, gasoline, chloro- and fluorocarbons.

Drying of air and gases such as steam cracked gases, catalytic reforming recycle gas, synthesis gas, natural gas, CO2.

Drying of air and gases as steam cracked gases, catalytic reforming recycle gases, synthesis gases, methyl chloride, natural gas, LNG, etc.

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