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Molecular Sieve For Insulated Glass

Molecular Sieve For Insulated Glass


Molecular sieve, also known as synthetic zeolite, is a silicon aluminate multi-pore mesh crystal material. It is composed of SiO2 and Al2O3 tetrahedron and has uniform pore size (about a few angstroms) and great specific surface area.

Aperture and shape of different types of molecular sieves are different, which can be used to separate a variety of molecules. This is the origin of molecular sieve name.

Water molecules are highly polar molecules, so type A molecular sieve has high water affinity. It is often used as an excellent adsorbent. Such potassium form of the type A crystal structure is suitable state of dehydration of insulating glass units either in the air-filled or gas-filled state.

The most ideal desiccant in insulating glass is 3A molecular sieve。When the 3A molecular sieves contact with the air, it absorbs only gaseous water and some organic substance, but not other components from the air.

The reason for using 3A desiccant for the insulated glass industry is its high water adsorption capability at an extremely low level of moisture. Such properties ensure highly durable glass with a clear complexion. The small beads are filled and separated by the spacer bar by means of dedicated tools and then sealed. Using 3A desiccant for glass application is helpful in protecting the glass from long-term defects. 

Features of using 3A molecular sieve desiccant for insulated glass

· High moisture adsorption ability

· Consistent moisture adsorption rate

· Low dust level & dew point

· Small adsorption of ga

At present, the commonly used types of insulating glass molecular sieve 3A in market are the following:

1. Diameter of 0.5-0.9mm for machine filling and bending aluminum bar

2. Diameter of 1.5-2.0mm for manual filling and disassembling aluminum strip

3. Other specifications are 1.0-1.5mm, 1.3-1.8mm and 2.0-2.5mm

But in the market some manufacturers use 4A molecular sieve or even class B desiccant in insulating glass to save money, which will shorten service life of insulating glass.

Here we suggest Xintao Insulating Glass Molecular Sieve, has an effective pore opening of about 3 angstroms(0.3nm). It can deeply co-adsorb the resident moisture and organics in Insulating Glass, keep the IG clear and transparent even at very low temperature.

It can successfully avoid the tremendous air pressure outbalance placed on the glasses, which was superposed by seasons of day-night temperature changing and the ensuring air adsorption and adsorption function of common IG desiccant. Thus it resolves the problems of windows distortion caused by IG inflation and shrink, expanded the life span of IG windows.

Where to Buy Insulating Glass Molecular Sieve?


Jiangxi XINTAO Technology Co., ltd in China is an ISO certificated manufacturer specialized in molecular sieve.

We provide a variety of high standard products. Xintao Insulating Glass Molecular Sieve is highly appreciable in constructing the energy-saving house or buildings.

Our products range: Molecular sieves(3A, 4A, 5A, 13X, 13X APG, 13X-HP, IG, Lithium MS);Carbon molecular sieve; Activated molecular sieve powder;

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