Huangshan will build the first 4A molecular sieve water pollution prevention emergency rescue base

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

The Huangshan Water Pollution Prevention and Control Emergency Rescue Base is a major infrastructure construction project of the Xiangjiang River Pollution Prevention and Control Plan. We learned from the local maritime bureau of Huangshan City that the project has been included in the 'Three Five' comprehensive transportation plan, and the evaluation can begin after construction, and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

According to the overall arrangement of the municipal government, the construction of the city's first 4A molecular sieve water pollution prevention and rescue base in Huangshan City includes pollution control supervision and management center, business space (monitoring, command, etc.), working docks and barges, supervision and law enforcement equipment , maritime patrol boats, emergency boats, emergency command vehicles, emergency equipment materials (library), etc.

According to the organization of transportation planning experts, on-site investigation and arrangement of the situation of the on-site base were carried out. Based on the analysis of the 42-kilometer watershed layout of Huangshan and the land conditions of the watershed, the construction plan of the 4A Molecular Sieve Water Pollution Prevention Emergency Rescue Base in Huangshan City was re-investigated, and the decision was made. Choose Huangshan No. 16 as a water public service platform such as pollution prevention and control of ships at the general dock, water transportation safety supervision (monitoring), and emergency rescue. The project is equipped with two marine patrol boats and an anti-fouling work barge. After the towing function of the marine patrol boat has been put into use, it is expected that another ship will be shipped in April this year. The barge work barge will be purchased after design. process.

Officials from the Municipal Maritime Safety Administration said that after the completion of the project, it will play an important role in improving the emergency response capacity of Xiangjiang River, effectively dealing with flood accidents and sudden dangers, and promoting zero discharge of ship waste, oil pollution and waste water and sewage reservoirs.
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