Not all molecular sieve materials can be cultured

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
However, not all molecular sieve materials can grow large enough single crystals. In fact, among about 50 molecular sieve structures reported in the past five years, only less than one-third of the molecular sieve materials can be prepared as large single crystals. For those molecular sieve materials that cannot be prepared into large single crystals, only their small-sized polycrystalline-like crystals can be used for structure determination. Severe peak overlap often occurs in the X-ray diffraction patterns of single crystals and polycrystals. Peak overlap is the biggest problem in polycrystalline structure analysis, which directly leads to the inability to accurately measure the diffraction intensity. Therefore, those structural analysis methods that are highly dependent on the diffraction intensity are usually not directly applicable to polycrystalline diffraction data. Although the use of synchrotron radiation light source can reduce the problem of peak overlap to a certain extent, it is not enough to solve the fundamental problem for polycrystalline materials with complex structures such as zeolite molecular sieves. Methods of crystal structure analysis.
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