Fuyang 5A Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. held a groundbreaking ceremony

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

In order to effectively solve the contradiction between economic growth and environmental pollution, the county introduced Beijing Ansheng Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. to build a 5A molecular sieve sewage treatment plant of 30,000 cubic meters in Fuyang City.

On September 21, Fuyang City held the groundbreaking ceremony of Tenglong Water Treatment Material Processing Co., Ltd. County leaders Ma Yanbin, Hu Shengming, and Rexili attended the ceremony.

It is understood that Fuyang 5A Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Plant is located 15 kilometers northeast of the county, covering an area of u200bu200bmore than 200 acres and a total investment of 33 million yuan. It can accommodate Fuyang Industrial Park Logistics Park, Chengbei District, South District Industrial and domestic sewage. It is constructed by BOT mode of Fuyang Anheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. with a construction period of 15 months. Fuyang City 5A molecular sieve project construction, after the completion of the first phase of the project, the daily sewage treatment capacity will reach 10,000 cubic meters, and the long-term daily processing capacity will reach 30,000 cubic meters. The project adopts domestic advanced processing technology and strictly follows the A-level standard of 'Pollutant Discharge Standard for Urban Sewage Treatment'. The treated wastewater is partly used for cooling water in the park and partly for the irrigation of the surrounding ecological forests.

The Fuyang 5A molecular sieve project started construction in September this year and will reach the water level by the end of next year. After completion, the sewage treatment capacity of the county will be greatly improved, and the overall planned scale of the urban sewage treatment plant will be improved.
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