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by:Xintao Technology     2020-08-01

1 Don't wear high-heeled shoes of the same height in case your feet are squeeze in the same place.

2 When sit,you should bend your feet first,then extend them gently and last for 30 minutes.Don't raise your feet,which could relax them.

3 When wearing high heels, you should hold out the bosom and receive the abdomen, naturally and steadily. Do not slouch and run fast, climbing up the hill is even forbbiden .

4 Pay more attention to the maintenance of foot, nurturance the habitsof bubbling foot with hot water, and proper them usually.

5 If you have to wear very high heels, pay attention to the occasion, not in crowded car or in uneven road, because this kind of shoes is designed for special occasions, such as dance or party.Besides,don't wear very high heels at ordinary times because they are not designed for walking,in particular when wearing such extremely high heels has a 'sex' meaning.

6 Have a rest constantly when you are walking. Tilted tiptoe and move the calf.

7 Had better not wear leather shoes barely, which will hurt your skin of feet .

8 Pay attention to move your toes when wearing pointed high-heeled shoes, which can relieve your toes, prevent squeezing the same position.

9 Don't clip nails too often , prevent nails inflammation.

10 Shift your backward from time to time when wearing high-heeled shoes, because high stress can cause toes excessive hard, and do give the toes certain space, even if it is small. If toes always went down, the look is not beautiful too.

11 When buying new high-heeled shoes, choose fasten some, not too big.

Since we want to reduce the pain and sufferings of wearing high-heeled shoes , the key point is using shoe-pad.There are lots of shoe-pads in the market,so we give some tips of choosing the pads.First,the material must be good.There are many types of pads,such as soft rubber,silica gel and so on.But we find the TPE kind is the best and if one side of the pad has viscosity ,it is better.

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