Finding a water purifier for chlorine and fluoride

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-31

Chlorines, bromines and chloramines are easily removed with granular carbon. Those are some of the chemicals used by public treatment facilities to disinfect public supplies.

In areas where fluoridation occurs or where the element is naturally occurring, the most effect way to remove a significant amount of it is with activated alumina. It is not impossible to find a filter that includes that step, but it is difficult.

Reverse osmosis, distillation, bone charcoal, electro-dialysis and deionization are somewhat effective. Even the effectiveness of activated alumina is somewhat dependent on the pH level. The real question is this. When should you consider de-fluoridation?

According to the EPA, children under the age of 9 should not consume water containing more than 2 milligrams per liter of fluoride. Yet, the agency set the maximum safe level at 4 milligrams per liter, nationwide.

If you are serviced by a public treatment facility, you can contact them to find out what the average concentration is in your supply. If you own a well, you should have testing conducted to find out if you need a water purifier for chlorine and fluoride. If you do, you will need more than one.

Activated alumina and reverse osmosis are ineffective against chlorines and other chemicals. You would also need a granular carbon step. The more steps a filtration system contains, the more expensive it is.

The American Dental Association recommends a fluoridation level between.7 and 1.2 PPM or parts per million, another measurement that may be used by your treatment facility. The recommendation is made in order to prevent tooth decay.

Parents might need a water purifier for chlorine and fluoride because excessive amounts of the element can cause a condition in which the bones do not form properly. It is a crippling condition.

A less severe, but more common condition is called dental fluoriosis. In that condition, a child's teeth become pitted and discolored. It is not tooth decay, however. It is primarily a cosmetic concern.

There are other rumors about health problems that may be related to fluoride-consumption. But none are proven. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider public fluoridation one of the greatest accomplishments of the 20th century.

On the other hand, exposure to chlorination byproducts is known to increase a person's lifetime risk of cancer.

So, unless you are a parent who really needs a water purifier for chlorine and fluoride, your main concern is de-chlorination and granular carbon is the best choice.

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