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by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-13
They are made to be suitable for toileting requirements that include the well-known unisex handy urinal. The bedpans are made of plastic and there are potable urinals that are disposable. The plastic bedpan is easy to clean and it is highly dependable. The disposable urinals contain gel that can absorb and store liquids until it is ready to dispose. Mostly people who are using bedpans are those who are bedridden. The patients who are not able to get out of the bed to go to the toilet are required to use a bedpan. Incontinence pads Females are the most common user of bedpans for urinary and bowel movements. Men are also using it to move the bowels but most of them prefer portable urinal for the liquid waste. The bedpans are needed to be placed closer to the patients for their convenience and without being messy. Bedpans come with different materials, sizes, styles and shapes. The most common shapes are the fractured bedpans and the regular contour or curved bedpans. The contoured bedpans are made to fit the shape of a person's posterior. The underneath bowl of the contoured bedpan is shallow to collect waste and liquid waste. This bedpan may slide under the patient with limited or full mobility. The fractured bedpan has a general wedge outline with a collection pan that is lower than other bedpans. This bedpan can slide under the patients who could not move or have a limited mobility. The common users of this bedpan are the patients with missing limbs, broken bones and paralyzed. Bedpan materials may differ. The regular materials are made of metal and plastic. Plastic is a cheap alternative and can be disposed right away, while metals are multi-use and that can be washed and disinfected right after used. Portable urinal can be used by patients who could sit and stand alone. It relieves the patients even without the help of a caregiver. The urinal has an airtight cover and can even used by any individual especially for those who are travelling. The persons who take care of the patient must also have an idea on how to use to bedpans and portable urinals for the patients. They should use disposable gloves to prevent the hands from the contact with urine and waste. The products should be rinsed with soap and warm water and dry them thoroughly. Sprinkle the edge of the product with medicated powder to help it slip easily under the patients. Give the patients a roll of tissue paper or bathroom tissue to be used after urinating.
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