The Citrine gemstones that are present in that

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Citrine is the rarest of the quartz family of gemstones.

A Citrine Poem

Citrine is our 'Sunny' stone

Novembers' birthstone, but not alone

Talisman against evil forever known

Citrine is the 'Sunny' stone

Citrine Make Up

Citrine is a gemstone variety of quartz that is present in all sorts of jewellery. Although relatively rare, it is made up from the earths most abundant mineral called silica (SiO2).

Hardness (Mohs) 7

Specific Gravity 2.65

Solubility insoluble

Citrine Colours

The colour of Citrine comes from contaminants made up oxides of iron, and if it were uncontaminated it would be clear, just like quartz. The colours associated with this gemstone move from pale yellow to yellow-brown, also a 'Madeira red'.

The colour shades are directly proportionate to the amount of oxides present. The more oxide inside the stone means deeper shades moving towards red. The less oxide means the shade move towards the yellow colours, and the most sought after variety called 'sunny' yellow.

As usual, no matter what shade of yellow or even red is required, the stones showing more vivid and intense hues will be more valuable and sought after by the jewellery trade.

Citrine Clarity

Greater clarity is present when there are less internal imperfections or inclusions, and this increases price. The more inclusions obviously the lesser the clarity due to the impedance of the passage of light through the gemstone. Having said this, because citrine is not a particular rare example of gemstone, it is easy to find near perfect examples at remarkably decent prices.

Most clear citrine gems will be faceted because they are clear, and therefore are not generally made into beads or cabochons, unless of exceedingly poor clarity. These products will be remarkably inexpensive in any case and not sought after usually within the jewellery trade for setting in to jewellery designs.

Citrine Cuts

Citrine, just like all other gemstones, if they are cut deeper than usual they will show off more colour intensity than expected, but will look smaller in size. Without increasing the size of the top of the gem, known as the crown, weight will be greater than expected, compared to the increased depth. If the gems are cut shallower than normal, although the stone may look bigger than its true weight, it will also show a poorer colour intensity.

To reflect light evenly, any clear cut gemstone, should show a proportionate symmetry when viewed from the side.

The Brilliance of Citrine

A stone that does not have too many internal inclusion bodies will transmit more light, and therefore, sparkle more. This 'brilliance' is almost as influential as the actual hue. It is as just pertinent as when cutting any other gemstone that attention to detail is paramount, so as to gain optimum brilliance.

Sources of Citrine

The best quality citrine is mined from Brazil, but good quality natural examples are sourced from all over Africa, Uruguay, Madagascar, parts of France and The Ural Mountains in Russia.

Prices Of Citrine

The price of citrine is relatively low for even the best quality examples, showing sumptuous colour, perfect clarity and excellent cut. Because of it's abundance in these top qualities examples on the market, terrific prices can be easily found.

Citrine Enhancements

Most citrine will be enhanced by heating. The darker varieties respond especially well to this. Because this method lasts for the lifetime of the stone, it is universally accepted by the jewellery trade associations and retailers.

Cleaning of Citrine

The best and easiest way to clean your Citrine Jewellery is gently scrub with a soft toothbrush in warm and mildly soapy water, followed by rinsing off in clean water to remove any residues. This will ensure to bring all the sparkle of the stones and surrounding metals back to near new credentials.

If you do have or intend to have for instance, Citrine Rings, then don't let it sit in a box packed away so nobody can see it. Wear it, show it off, and most of all, enjoy it!

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