LED chips differences

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-06
At present China LED chip enterprise about ten home or so, late start, the scale is not large enough, the biggest LED chips enterprise output value yuan for about 3, each of the average annual output value in 1 to 2 to. The two years of mainland China LED chip enterprise develops fast, technical level is soon, small and medium size chip (refers to the following 15 mil) has been able to meet domestic packaging enterprise of basic needs, large size chip (refers to power type W level chip) still need to import, mainly from the United States and Taiwan enterprises, but large size chip only in LED into the general lighting to mass applications. The performance of the device in LED encapsulation 50% depends on LED chips, LED chip core index including brightness, the wavelength, the failure rate, antistatic ability, attenuation etc. At present domestic LED packaging enterprise of small and medium size chip most choose homebred brand, these domestic brand of chip performance and foreign brands the difference is smaller, has the good price, also can meet the most LED application the needs of the enterprises. Especially the performance of the brand of chips with foreign brand has quite, through the encapsulation technology cooperation, already can meet the needs of many high-end application fields. Packaging auxiliary material difference Packaging auxiliary materials including stents, gold line, epoxy resin, the silica gel, the article mould etc. Auxiliary material is the comprehensive performance LED device is an important basis for, the stand or fall of the auxiliary materials can be decided the failure rate, LED device attenuation, optical performance, energy consumption, etc. At present the mainland of China packaging auxiliary material supply chain has more perfect, most of the material production was on the mainland has been able to supply. But high performance of epoxy resin and silica gel to import the majority, the two types of materials mainly requirement high temperature resistant, resistance to UV, excellent refractive index and good expansion coefficient, etc. With the global integration process, China LED packaging companies already be applied to the world's newest and best encapsulation auxiliary materials.
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