Fuyang City invested 1.1 billion yuan to expand the third, fourth, fifth and eighth four 4A molecular sieve sewage treatment plants

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

Fuyang City announced yesterday that the company plans to invest 867 million yuan to build the Pengzhou Longfeng Environmental Protection Project, which will be implemented by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuyang Xingrong Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. At the same time, the company also plans to invest 1.1 billion yuan in Fuyang City 4A molecular sieve sewage treatment plants No. 3, 4, 5 and 8 to expand.

Fuyang 4A Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Plant for 1 year

According to the expansion plan, the third, fifth and eighth Fuyang City 4A Molecular Sieve Sewage Treatment Plants will expand the treatment capacity of 100,000 cubic meters per plant, and the fourth sewage treatment plant will expand the treatment capacity of 50,000 cubic meters per day, with a total expansion of 35 With a processing capacity of 10,000 cubic meters per day, the estimated total investment is about 1.1 billion yuan, and the transformation time is 1 year.

Xingrong Investment Announcement stated that with the improvement of water environment management level and the increase of domestic water consumption, according to the forecast of the water affairs department, the newly built sewage treatment plants (1), the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth sewage treatment plants will produce sewage in the next year. The scope will exceed the existing sewage treatment capacity. By 2020, the six factories in the sewage service area will be about 200 million cubic meters per day, and a new sewage treatment capacity of 600,000 cubic meters per day will be required. Therefore, the expansion of Fuyang 4A molecular sieve sewage treatment plant is not only necessary but urgent.

The construction investment of abandoned power generation projects is 867 million yuan

In addition to the expansion of Fuyang 4A Molecular Sieve Wastewater Treatment Plant, Xingrong Investment will also invest in the construction of Pengzhou Longfeng Environmental Protection Project to treat domestic waste.

According to the project proposal, the total investment of Pengzhou Longfeng Environmental Protection Project is estimated to be 867 million yuan, the designed daily processing of municipal solid waste is 1,500 tons, the annual processing waste is about 500,000 tons, and the estimated average annual power consumption is 178.15 million kWh.

Xingrong Investment said that in the Dujiangyan-Pengzhou area of u200bu200bthe third ring road of Fuyang, the original more extensive waste disposal methods could not meet the needs of urban environmental modernization. The construction of large-scale centralized power generation facilities can effectively utilize waste heat and waste residue. It is a 'safe and reliable, advanced environmental protection, provincial-level energy-saving, and economical treatment technology' at the current stage. Effective treatment needs.
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