Zeolite is an inorganic mineral. This microporus

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-29

Due to its honey comb structure, it paves way for binding with heavy metals and other minerals. With aluminum as a part of the component, the charge of this block is negative and so clinoptilolite attracts positive charged minerals like, iron, potassium, magnesium is calcium etc.

Some of the most prominent actions of zeolite are

1. It bonds with the free radicals in the body.

2. Binds with radio active components in the body.

3. Slows down tumor growth, and prolongs life.

4. Used in reducing the side effect of chemotherapy or radiation.

5. Improves the immune system.

6. Helps Ph balance.

7. Helps cases of diarrhea especially in food poisoning and bacteria induced indigestion.

8. Improves the antioxidant level in the body.

Studies found that when zeolite was given in capsules form, it had a positive and beneficial effect on various types of cancers, viral infections, external bleeding, Crohn's disease and also in neurological cases. With more experiments and studies, zeolite supplement has today proven its action on cancer of liver, prostrate, intestine etc. even patients who are in a terminal stage of brain cancer have shown improvement and palliative results within 3 or 4 weeks of intake of zeolite supplement. A research on patients with liver cirrhosis who were put on zeolite supplements showed improvement and progress in their condition.

Thus zeolite is today one of the most researched products where its wonderful medicinal properties have been used for various purposes. Marketed in powder as well as liquid form, both these forms of zeolite supplement is useful. The zeolite supplement is popular for their antioxidant property. When ingested with their inert negative charge, these absorb the harmful positive charged heavy metals which are also harmful the also absorb or bind along the toxins which are hazardous to the body and eliminate these though urine.

Extremely safe and simple to use, zeolite in a liquid form is one of best dietary supplement. It acts within 6 to 8 hrs of intake. With in 6 hrs of intake, the harmful chemicals and toxins in the blood or skin and other organs are easily excreted. Toxins like lead, chemicals, uranium, mercury, arsenic, or cadmium can be easily flushed out from the system after taking zeolite supplement.

Off lately even the beauty industry is discovering the use of zeolite and zeolite supplement. These are used as an anti-aging product helping the skin glow, and look naturally radiant. Improving the blood circulation, and removing the hazardous and harmful chemicals, zeolite supplement is today most popular health product available. They work toward stabilizing the immune system, so that you are not prone to illness and remain healthy.

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