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What is the difference between silica alumina gel and activated alumina?

Silica alumina gel is a kind of silica gel containing aluminum oxide, pore-resistant water-resistant alumina silica gel, which is generally used as a protective layer for fine pore silica gel and fine pore alumina silica gel, and also used separately during high content of liquid water. In the case of liquid water in the operating system, a low dew point can also be achieved with alumina silica gel.

April 17, 2019

Tips for choosing molecular sieves

The material used in an industrial molecular sieve has small uniform pores. When other substances come in contact with the molecular sieve, the molecules that are the right size to fit in the pores will be adsorbed. The molecules that are too large to fit will not. Molecular sieves function at the microscopic level, therefore their sizes are measured in angstroms. Pore sizes 3Å and 4Å will adsorb water while larges sizes remove larger hydrocarbons.

December 14, 2018

How to prevent the nitration of carbon molecular sieves

There are 4 ways to avoid the nitration of carbon molecular sieves: Select the XINTAO Brand carbon molecular sieve,with quality reliable; Choose a reasonable bed placement, such as first with inert alumina ceramic balls layer, then with activated alumina layer and carbon molecular sieve layer. Reasonable distribution of airflow, avoiding impact, and reaching the goal of purification; Loading bed layer should be fullfiled and keep flat; ​The design should be rational use of pressure and regeneration.

December 4, 2018

Molecular sieve oxygen generator comprehensive analysis

The molecular sieve oxygen generator generally adopts a pressurized adsorption atmospheric pressure desorption (HP) method, and the same cycle process is carried out by two adsorption towers respectively, thereby realizing continuous gas supply. The entire system is completely controlled by the microcontroller.

November 22, 2018

How to choose the activated molecular sieve powder as adsorbents

The molecular sieve raw powder is the main material for producing molecular sieve activated powder. It has the skeleton characteristics of the molecular sieve, but the pores are filled with a large amount of water molecules, so it cannot be directly used as adsorbents. It can be used to adsorb other molecules after the majority of water in the pores is activated by the high temperature.

November 16, 2018

Coatings Sealants Adhesives

Polyurethane can be manufactured either in a single-component or in a two-component system. In both cases, any water still present may react with the isocyanate forming carbon dioxide gas and leading to the formation of bubbles in the final compound.

November 8, 2018



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