Qingdao is expected to complete 5 projects including the new renovation and expansion of the 5a molecular sieve sewage treatment plant within this year

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14

On February 4th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau that in 2015, the city has formulated 20 key goals in six key areas, and will complete the expansion of Qingdao 5a molecular sieve sewage treatment plant and the expansion of Qingdao 5a molecular sieve sewage treatment plant In the project, five new projects for the expansion and expansion of the third-phase Chengyang Sewage Treatment Plant were completed in the surrounding cities.

In 2015, the city will organize comprehensive management work such as comprehensive management of rivers. The central urban area will focus on promoting the pollution control of Licun River, Zhangcun River, Changle River, Banqiaofang and Haiphong River. The surrounding urban areas and cities should, in accordance with the city's river pollution control plan, intercept sewage pollution control tasks first, and basically solve the problem of direct sewage discharge.

The downtown area will organize the construction of drainage networks in key river basins such as Haikou River, Licun River, Zhangcun River, and Lsha River, rebuild and expand the existing pipeline network capacity, and discharge the pipeline area network that may cause pollution to rivers and sea areas transformation. Combined with regional development and professional planning, improve the construction of new urban pipeline network, and integrate and integrate the old pipeline network. In the case of the accidental public opinion caused by the damage to the 5a molecular sieve drainage pipe network in Qingdao and the polluted river, the organization conducted a comprehensive investigation of the ditches, culverts and drainage pipe networks in the relevant urban areas, traced the source of pollution and took effective measures to cut off the source of pollution. Sewage discharge problem.
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