Over seven million people live in The NYC area

by:Xintao Technology     2020-06-29
1. Booming Business Home of Wall Street, Trump Tower, and the World Trade Center, NYC is a bustling hub for business of all sorts. If you want to be in the middle of one of the largest modern cities in the world, with a potential customer base of over 7 million residents, consider moving to New York City. Shleppers, a long-established NYC moving company can move your things into a quiet, centrally located residence in West Village or the Business District, close to shopping, restaurants and quiet parks to relax in on your day off. 2. Endless Night Life Are you seeking to fill up your social calendar and meet new people? New York City is known as 'the city that never sleeps' because of its famed night life. From swanky clubs and posh art galleries to sports centers and rugged pubs the area around the Meat Packing district offers residents a wide variety of entertainment. 3. Housing Options The Island of Manhattan and its surrounding suburbs, called boroughs, offer a wide variety of housing options. For the well-to-do there are grand mansions and gigantic lofts and apartments. If a quaint row house or brownstone is what you seek, scores of them can be found. There are even neighborhoods full of stand-alone houses with yards in some of the neighborhoods. Then, of course, there are hundreds of thousands of modest apartments, some in rent controlled areas to make them more affordable to blue-color workers. Whatever your needs and your means, moving to NYC can be a possibility thanks to a variety of housing options. 4. History and Culture Boasting dozens of historic districts, NYC offers residents the chance to live in some of the most recognizable and historically influential neighborhoods in the nation. Moving to an NYC neighborhood like Greenwich Village or Sugar Hill will have you walking the same streets that figures like Justus Schwab and W.E.B. Du Bois. Mansions, brownstones, and row houses in some of the historic areas date back to the Victorian era. 5. Art From painting and sculpture to music, dance and theater the arts are well represented in New York City. Walking through the streets of NYC you'll find an art gallery, museum, or place to hear music every few blocks. The theaters on and off Broadway display the hottest plays and musical theater in the country while Carnegie Hall and the Rockefeller Center showcase outstanding musical performances. Moving to New York is near the top of almost every aspiring artist's bucket list. 6. Architecture Manhattan and the five boroughs that make up the New York City metropolitan area are home to a wide range of architectural styles from Greek and Roman inspired mansions to Victorian and early 20th century brownstones and row houses, not to mention the spectacle that is the plethora of sky scrapers, a move to NYC will take you out of the standard everything looks the same nature of many American towns and put you in the midst of architectural masterpieces. 7. Pedestrian Friendly Subways, buses, trains, and ferries all offer easy to access mass transit options for pedestrians to move from one borough to another throughout the area. A grid style street layout and crosswalk system also make it easy to navigate New York City on foot. 8. Educational System New York state is fifth in national rankings of public school educational systems: with a large percentage of its eligible schools awarded gold and silver medals for excellence. NYC itself is home to many of the top public primary schools in the state. 9. Colleges and Universities Tens of thousands of college students flock to New York City every fall to attend some of the nation's most illustrious colleges and universities. Many students move to NYC to attend such schools as Columbia and the Juilliard School. 10. Atmosphere of the City Part of the allure of New York City, the reason people choose to move to NYC and put up with all the hustle and bustle of the city is the lively atmosphere and the wide array of options. Whether you want to make your mark on the business or fashion world, be a shining star on stage, or simply raise children where they will be exposed to different cultures and viewpoints, New York City is the place to be. You can find night time entertainment or take a quiet walk down a historic street on a Sunday afternoon-the city has something for everyone.
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