Increasing applications of gypsum, gypsum processing

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-30

In the processing of gypsum powder, gypsum processing equipment primarily used in the European version with MTW trapezium mill, Raymond mill and jaw crusher in these plaster my company's production facilities in these products of good quality, high efficiency In the process played a significant role.

Gypsum process flow: gypsum ore into the plant a selected washing machine hopper broken jaw crusher bucket autoclaved 6d, when an old one Ru Leimeng machine pan crushing a sieved (100-120 mesh) a regression into the rotary kiln fried a storage system, a bagging.

Autoclaved gypsum powder extended the initial setting and final setting time, increase the degree of bending model, adapted to the requirements of roll forming machine. Which addresses dust hazards, improve working conditions, improve the gypsum powder quality and production efficiency, gypsum toward the standardization process, and gradually to private development.

Gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization technology.

Soluble in water with limestone slurry process, based on the use of the S02 has a good solubility in water and can cause chain reactions to this characteristic, when the flue gas into the absorption tower, in the rising process, and spray down the limestone plasma: liquid droplets collide, S02 will be dissolved in water droplets in the slurry, followed by fall absorber slurry pool, this time mostly pulp Ikegami Department of thionyl 'acid (H: S03), acidic (pH value lower .) As the cycle and make people slurry of limestone slurry of calcium sulfite generated plate (CaS03), while people with the plasma pool drum oxygen in the air for chemical reaction to produce calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaS04 2H20), the gypsum .

Note that the problem processing

1. According to process requirements. Gypsum pan out immediately after drying autoclave (time interval; the longest no more than l hour), and according to our production process, bad mouth cream out of steam table tennis tweezers need to stay one hour after it is dried into a quality that will definitely affect the halo ;

2. Teach some techniques to ensure the contract, according to conservative, including plaster bending incurred on the Ministry of degree lower than our standard.

3. Gypsum steam boiler with external heating, whether to pass directly into the steam and not hot outside,: to be further implemented, this relates to the change in structure of autoclaved chase...

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