Carbon Molecular Sieve

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Carbon Moleuclar Sieve

Carbon Molecular Sieve

Xintao Technology

Carbon Molecular Sieve for Nitrogen Generator

Carbon molecular sieve(CMS) is carbon takes the apperance of cylindrical black soild, it has 4 angstrom fine pores, and can be used to seperate air into nitrogen and oxygen. Carbon Molecular Sieve is the most important element of each and every PSA Nitrogen System.
Xintao as a professional production factory for more than 20 years, Xintao Carbon Molecular Sieve has capacity of high Nitrogen Yield. It can meet the requirement of almost all types of PSA nitrogen system. The Oxygen molecule will be adsorbed by the solid surface of the CMS and the enriched Nitrogen will be output from the top of the bed to the gas plant.
Carbon molecualr sieves is widely applied in petroleum chemical industry, the heat treatment of metal, coal mines, the electronic manufacture and food preservation industries.


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XINTAO carbon molecular sieves are available in various types. If you have specific parameters regarding nitrogen purity and nitrogen volume requirements, please consult us.


Carbon Molecular Sieve


Black Pellet


0.95mm 1.1-1.3mm, 1.3-1.5mm, 1.5-1.8mm,customizated


CMS220 CMS240 CMS260 CMS280 CMS330

Crushing Strength

>50 (N/PC)(The test temperatuare≤20℃)

Dust Level

100PPM Max

Bulk Density

630-680 (KG/M3)

Xintao Carbon Molecular Sieve

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