What should be paid attention to in the introduction of corrugated structured packing-Xintao Technology Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
1. The corrugated structured packing should be loaded from the lowest corrugated structured packing layer as much as possible and filled from bottom to top; if it cannot be filled from bottom to top, or beds of different heights can be filled at the same time, appropriate protection measures must be provided to ensure that the lower layer works security. 2. Each layer of corrugated structured packing should be assembled on the ground near the tower to ensure smooth installation. Each corrugated structured packing shall be lifted to the working manhole and placed in the installation location. While in some cases it can be placed directly on the pack after a certain number of packs have been installed, walkway boards must be used above the first level. 3. Under normal circumstances, there should be a certain angle between each corrugated structured packing layer and the next layer of regular structured corrugated packing. This is very important. It must be complied with throughout the filling process and must be carefully checked by the supervising engineer. 4. The corrugated structured packing around the tower must be in contact with the entire circumference of the tower. No gaps are allowed in the bed. If there are gaps, narrow fillers can be filled.
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