Water is a basic human need -- to drink, wash,

by:Xintao Technology     2020-08-10

When you need to create supply on an industrial measure, you should invest in solar water generators. These utilize the moisture in the atmosphere to extract. In a H2O generator, the moisture is harvested and filtered repeatedly to remove bacteria and particulates. The more humid the air, the easier it is for a water generator to harvest vapor efficiently. This cooling condensation method of atmospheric harvesting is popular, but it uses a lot of energy. However, since it is dependent on solar power, it is still very cost effective in a straight energy consumption comparison.

Another extraction technology uses a chemical process involving special salts called desiccants. These desiccant salts absorb moisture from the air, and equipment then extracts the moisture from the salt. This technology uses less energy than cooling condensation H2O generators. The technology which uses sea to convert into potable water needs to be followed closely since there are many scarce countries which have a sea coast. These countries can utilize renewable energy in the form of solar power instead of non-renewable sources like coal, petroleum etc. to desalinate the sea and meet their drinkable water needs.

Our range of hot, cold & normal dispensers provide hot, cold and room temperature from water dispenser. These dispensers can be used in schools, offices, restaurants etc. Dispensers are available in desktop, countertop, and floor standing styles. Our water dispensers are CE, PSE and CCC certified.These strong and durable water dispensers are made of full plastic joint body adopting ABS material. It also features burn-proof tap and auto-control for temperature. It has double safety device for preventing overheat and anti-channeling design. These dispensers come with sterilizer cabinet for storing water. dispensers are environmentally-friendly, high in performance and provide long service life.

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