Most people do not realize the importance of storing

by:Xintao Technology     2020-08-02

You need to be very systematic in the manner in which you store your jewellery. You cannot just dump them all together into a box and expect them to emerge unscathed. In fact, you need to have a proper box dedicated for this purpose as well as a number of pouches made of soft material.

The best way to store your jewels and other ornaments is to group them according to type. All necklaces should be placed flat in boxes in order to avoid kinks. Each piece should have its own slot so that one does not scratch against the other. Alternatively, you can hang them all from special jewellery hangers that are easily available in the market. You should buy as many boxes or hangers as you need because you should never stuff all your ornaments together since this is the easiest way to break them. Rings and earrings should have their own special holders into which they can be wedged. Similarly, bangles should also have holders that prevent them from moving around.

If you have pearl necklaces then you should place them individually in soft cloth pouches because they are very delicate and prone to scratching. Place your pouches containing pearl necklaces in a box into which you place a packet of silica gel. This will help keep moisture away from them. Pieces containing precious stones should also be stored separately because rough treatment could cause the settings to get damages and the stones chipped or scratched.

Be sure to buy storage boxes with a lot of care. Not only should they be tough but they should also have a very soft lining so that the contents do not get scratched or broken even if the box is jostled. If you look after your jewellery well you can be sure that they will look beautiful for a long time to come.

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