Inversion is becoming an increasingly common form

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-30

Relieves Back Pain

Inversion is a form of traction, a therapeutic approach in which gravity is used to stretch parts of the body to relieve pressure and thereby reducing pain. Inversion tables are an excellent means for harnessing the power of gravity to stretch the body in the opposite direction compared to the normal upright pressures of the day. This stretching action reduces pressure on nerves and gently extends the ligaments, relieving the causes of chronic back pain.

Improves Posture

Stretching itself is one method for strengthening ligaments along with increasing circulation and oxygen delivery within the body. These things contribute to stronger muscles and joints. Traction in the form of a back inversion table also helps to realign the spinal column and rejuvenate fluid within the discs. All of these things add up to improved posture over time.

Decreases Pressure on the Sciatic Nerve

The sciatic nerve is one of the thickest and longest nerves within the human body. Sciatica is a painful condition caused by compression on the sciatic nerve. This painful compression is a direct result of weakened structures within the lower back. Inversion therapy relieves pain in the lower back and creates an environment in which the lower back is able to recuperate. Many individuals who suffer from sciatica do not realize that their condition is in direct relation to the health of their back and spine. Inversion therapy can help to correct these issues and reduce pain and pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Reduces Pressure on the Discs within the Spine and Neck

The neck and spine are composed of boney discs separated by spongy cartilage that acts as a type of shock absorber within the back. In a standing or sitting position, the discs compress this cartilage throughout the day. As the cartilage compresses, the nerves within the spine come under intense pressure, often resulting in debilitating pain. Sometimes surgery is even required to correct these conditions. With a back inversion table, gravity is used to naturally stretch this cartilage, relieving back pain and often reversing the condition all together. In the neck, expansion is caused by the weight of the head hanging upside down, resulting in similar pain relief along with realignment of the spine with the neck.

Helps to Realign the Spine

Using a back inversion table helps to realign and straighten the spine, relaxing and expanding the muscles all along the spine and throughout the torso. As the muscles relax and expand, this allows the discs to move more freely and the vertebrae to properly align themselves.

Increased Circulation

With the lower limbs above the heart in an inverted position, inversion tables allow the heart to work more effortlessly to transport oxygen-depleted blood from the limbs back to the lungs. In clinical studies, this has been shown to reduce varicose veins in some patients who used inversion therapy on a regular basis. Oxygen-rich blood is also more easily pumped to the brain and upper organs, allowing for quicker healing and lowered inflammation over time.

Improves Lymphatic Movement

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing toxins from the body and is composed of vessels that travel throughout the body, similar to the veins and arteries. The only difference is the lymphatic system has no heart to keep the system flowing. Instead, contraction of the muscles and regular movements of the body are what is needed to keep the lymphatic system moving. With inversion, the muscles and ligaments expand, increasing the flow of lymph fluid throughout the body and more quickly removing toxins and lactic acids. Less toxins and lactic acids make for a healthier, pain free body and aids in quicker recovery time.

Increases Oxygen to the Brain

Greater circulation throughout the body has the added benefit of providing an increased supply of oxygen to the brain. A fully oxygenated brain allows for higher mental function and provides an environment in which brain cells thrive instead of experiencing early cell death.

Relieves Pressure on the Internal Organs

The downward gravitational pressure on the body can cause stress on the internal organs of the body, resulting in indigestion and other internal disorders. Inversion therapy relieves pressure on the internal organs, allowing for proper organ function.

Improves Flexibility

By lengthening the ligaments and relieving pressure on the joints and vertebrae, inversion therapy allows for greater flexibility when used on a regular basis. Furthermore, various stretching exercises that would be impossible to attempt while in an upright position can be experienced while inverted. Typical stretches that are preformed while lying down can also be performed while inverted, allowing for greater muscle lengthening and strengthening not achievable except while in an inverted position. All of this adds up to a more flexible and stable body.

By using a back inversion table, you can reduce the stress of daily gravitational forces placed on the body. This in turn will have the additional benefit of reducing mental stress and anxiety, placing your body and mind in an upward positive loop. A healthy body produces a healthy mind, and a healthy mind increases the strength and vitality of the body.

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