In playground where many of the fiercest competitions

by:Xintao Technology     2020-08-04

Common corrective glasses cannot give the eyes any protection except compensating for the poor eye vision. What's more, these corrective glasses have hindered some dangers behind since the eyeglasses frames and even lenses can be distorted and broken, thus damaging your eyeballs. Generally, eye injury incidents happen on the playground include, cornea scratched, iris inflammation, eyeball front hyperemia, traumatic cataract, retina swelling and canthus broken. Any of these injuries can make you worry for the rest of your life. And prescription sports glasses should be worn as early as possible as a precautionary measure to prevent that happening.

Prescription sports glasses frames are designed excessively for sports lovers. All-in-one sports glasses frame is processed with high-tech craft. The width and curve are designed according the features of American people and thus are suitable for the average. The angle of the prescription sports glasses frames have very good flexibility and is hard to be twisted or distorted. This has resulted in a good protection of the eyes and the bridge of the nose. Normally, there are air vents on the arms of the prescription sports glasses that allow players to free themselves on the playground.

The nose pad is also very unique and very different from other nose pads in corrective glasses. Mainly, the nose pads in prescription sports glasses are made of silica gel that is soft, flexible and non-allergic. And they are often thicker than nose pads in other corrective glasses in order to leave more space between the sports glasses frame and the face. On the other direction, the nose pad can serve as a cushion to offset or alleviate the impact that comes from your close collision with your opponent. These prescription sports glasses are suitable for most sports, such as basketball, football, volleyball, climbing exercise or even racing.

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