Grinders and mixers are used by every industry

by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-25

Use of grinders in industries:Grinding machines of different types are put to use for breaking down and mixing of materials which can be chemicals, iron ore and paints. The metals can be reshaped with the help of these machines and it is utilized for grinding metals to powder form.One of the most popular grinding machines used in large number industries in the present times is the ball mill. The machine has a cylindrical design and it rotates on an axis and its shape is horizontal. Materials such as steel balls, pebbles, ceramic balls and many other materials are used. To aid in the fine grinding of materials the machines are partially filled. Large sized grinders run mechanically if they are large in size. Used ball mills which are small sized are run on belts.

The popularity of grinding machines has increased day by day as a large number of factories are utilizing these machines for aiding in the manufacturing of products. A large amount of electricity is consumed by the large industrial grinders whereas small grinders such as ball mill work with the help if pulleys and belts. To get powder form of metals and ceramics the industries use grinders. For grinding coffee these grinding machines are used. These machines have a unique grinding capacity. There are a large number of machines which are used for grinding coffee. These machines possess high grinding power and they are convenient to maintain.

A SAG mill (semi auto-genous grinding) uses steel balls along with large rocks along with grinding. A rotating drum in a SAG mill acts to throw the large rocks and the steel balls in a contracting motion and this results in breakage of the large rocks on impact and it leads to compressive grinding of fine particles. This is characterized by a large diameter and short length used SAG mills are mainly used for grinding of gold, platinum, copper, lead, zinc and silver. There are hammer mills which are different from ball mills and rod mills which mainly help in shredding mining ore rather than grind it.

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