Energy-efficient ultra-stable USY zeolite technology helps increase production-Xintao Technology Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
In the process of promoting the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the chemical industry, the future development prospects of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, the export of ultra-stable USY zeolite molecular sieves, the substitution of imported equipment, and the storage and transportation equipment are relatively optimistic. We can see in the industry development report that in the future, the ultra-stable USY molecular sieve will not only produce coke with obvious overcapacity, but will also have a further tightening effect on the corresponding equipment manufacturing industry. The market demand for chemical equipment is still very high. huge. Large-scale petrochemical equipment and equipment including oil refining and ethylene, fertilizer, coal chemical, radial tires and complete sets of technical equipment, even some ultra-stable USY molecular sieves, and the market for complete sets of pharmaceutical and fine chemical technology equipment will also increase.
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