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by:Xintao Technology     2020-07-10
Well, if you receive such a delightful gift, we have a few pieces of information about your new toy so that you can make the most delicious coffee to warm your heart. Speaking of heart, did you know that coffee can lessen your risks for cardiovascular diseases as well as Type 2 diabetes, cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases when consumed in moderate quantities? Let's start with the top-of-the-line product in the coffee maker universe - the super-automatic machines. You can call yourself lucky, indeed, for you have a two-in-one machine consisting of an espresso coffee maker and a grinder, too! Just press the button and the machine will do everything without your intervention from grinding, dosing, tamping, brewing and then ejecting the spent puck. Hands off, indeed! Keep in mind that the best espresso comes from coffee beans grounded in the perfect manner specifically to a powder-like consistency. You can rest easy knowing that the grinder on the super-automatic coffee maker will grind the coffee beans perfectly and you can enjoy perfect espresso each and every time. But be sure to read the instructions manual first. With the variety of features on a super-automatic machine, you want to take full advantage of the bells and whistles that matter most to your cup of coffee. Always keep a good stock of the right cleaner, water filters and other accessories on hand to keep the machine in tiptop shape. Semi-automatic coffee machines feature automated temperature controls for the boiler, automated pumps and activation switches for the pumps. Obviously, you can decide when to turn on and off the pumps. The benefits of semi-automatic machines are many, too. These coffee makers maintain good brewing temperature and good pump pressure, both of which are essential to making the espresso taste and smell like it should be in your coffee-loving palate, nose and mind. With manual machines of old, your espresso can be too bland today and then too strong tomorrow because of differences in temperature and pressure applied. It takes years of experience to know the perfect combination of the two factors using just your own skills - just ask well-respected baristas. Automatic coffee machines feature automated temperature controls for the boilers, automated preset water volumes and pumps. Your work involves loading the porta filter with coffee, tamping it, locking it into the machine and pressing the appropriate switch. You will then wait for a few seconds for your coffee to finish brewing. Don't forget the grinders either. These can either be the blade or burr types depending on your coffee maker with the general rule being burr for espresso and blade for French presses, drip and semi-automatic coffee makers. Add accessories to the mix as well. You may have to purchase these accessories but your money will be well spent because of the great coffee enjoyed every time. Tampers, frothing pitchers and knock boxes are just a few of the accessories you may want to look into.
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