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by:Xintao Technology     2022-04-14
The rapid development of high technology makes more and more raw materials appear, some of which we have never seen before. What makes ceramsite different is that it is so special, and its function is so powerful, so for you who are engaged in the construction industry, if you have not been exposed to this kind of raw material, or you are not familiar with this kind of raw material. If you understand it very well, then I hope that my introduction can bring you some help, and also allow you to apply this material to it when building, so as to make the building more perfect. Among the many raw materials, ceramsite can stand out. What is the reason? Let us now discuss it together. If a product is more popular, then there must be something special about this product. Take ceramsite as an example, it has many advantages. First of all, such a product has a relatively small density, which is much smaller than that of concrete, but it does not affect its hard function. Because the surface of this material is very hard. At the same time, such a material has a relatively strong anti-vibration ability, so it would be a wise move to use such a material for earthquake-prone areas. Strong resistance to penetration is also a major feature of this material. In buildings in coastal areas, if this material is used, it can prevent the phenomenon of dampness in the house. The reason why its quality is relatively light is because such a product has more voids in it. Not only that, but such a product also has the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation, so in the construction industry, this material is widely used because it can create a good thermal environment. Ceramsite is a lightweight aggregate produced by foaming in a rotary kiln. It has a spherical shape, a smooth and hard surface, a honeycomb-like interior, and has the characteristics of low density, low thermal conductivity and high strength. In the refractory industry, ceramsite is mainly used as the aggregate of thermal insulation refractories. The bulk density of ceramsite itself is less than 1100kg/m3, generally 300-900kg/m3. The density of concrete made with ceramsite as aggregate is 1100-1800kg/m3, and the corresponding concrete compressive strength is 30.5-40.0Mpa. The biggest feature of ceramsite is that it is hard on the outside, and there are many micropores inside. These micropores give ceramsite its light-weight properties. The density of No. 200 fly ash ceramsite concrete is about 1600kg/m3. At present, my country's ceramsite sand is mainly used for petroleum proppant, and it is also one of the most demanded ceramsite sand varieties, also known as oil fracturing proppant ceramsite sand. Ceramsite has excellent properties, such as low density, high cylinder compressive strength, high porosity, high softening coefficient, good frost resistance, and excellent alkali-resistant aggregate reactivity. Especially due to the low density of ceramsite, the internal porousness, the uniform shape and composition, and the certain strength and firmness, it has the multi-functional characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, frost resistance, shock resistance and good insulation. Using these excellent properties of ceramsite, it can be widely used in building materials, horticulture, food and beverage, refractory insulation materials, chemical industry, petroleum and other sectors. Related recommended articles: How much is a molecular sieve per ton of molecular sieve manufacturers
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